Black Hat Reputation Management Technique Exposed

We have all heard of black hat seo plenty of times, but we don’t hear the term blackhat Reputation Management (ORM) too often.

There are many black hat seo tactics that can be facilitated in a reputation management campaign. And there are a ton of blackhat ORM  tactics that are within their own category.

Here is an example of blackhat ORM:

An individual named John Doe (example) has a ripoff report complaint on page one of Google and John Doe is a teacher at a high school and needs this thing dealt with so people can’t find the rip off report on page one of goggle. But being a teacher he has to be careful about using social media and content to bury the rip off report.
So – what is the blackhat fix? 

The blackhat ORM fix in this situation could go like this: 

Let’s create a fictitious entity with a bio, photos, Facebook, friends, and everything a real person would have. This internet entity will share his name and geographic location and let’s make our John Doe a DOCTOR that looks nothing like our guy and there needs to be a big age, interest, and career type difference so there is no doubt this guy is not our John Doe.


Next we need our Dr. John Doe to get listed on social media sites, doctor review sites and directories. He could even have a professional website and free phone number for the blackhat campaign. Let’s make this guy real! At least online and in the  virtual world.

Now let’s get even more creative and list our Dr. John Doe on A couple of complaint sites and drop him some nasty reviews on review sites in order to tap in to Googles Humility Algorithm. They will rank our doctors bad content high just like they did our clients negative post.

The possibilities are endless when using this style of content manipulation to bury negative links about someone. One other method that comes to mind is finding someone online that shares the same name with “John Doe” and doing a little SEO to the links that already exist about about them. Using content that is already seasoned on Google is more effective than creating new pages in some cases. Be creative and be smart and most of all keep it legal. We are not condoning or using these techniques. We are not attorneys and offer no legal advice, you will want to consult with an attorney of the legalities of creating such content.


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The #1 Most Hated Complaint Website In The World

You Guessed it – is becoming one of the most hated websites in the small business world.

While on the face the website looks like a great tool for consumers to use to report scams and online frauds, in reality this website is used by many to shame and discredit legitimate businesses and professionals.


There is not a mechanism for control or real ethical moderation of content posted on, and this is why the website is so dangerous to small businesses everywhere. There will always be fake reviews and fake complaints online, but there will never be a more damaging and harmful website as “negatively powerful” and evil as ripoffreport. The devil himself must have had a touch in the websites creation or evolution.


RipOffReport is the most abused review system online and anytime a business name is added to the site you can bet your ASSets that there will be a little nasty ROR link on page one of Google Search Results for that businesses name, phone number, or website. This is a very dangerous situation and every business and professional is at risk. With great power comes great responsibility and ROR is powerful, but where is the responsibility? The site and ownership hide behind a digital veil and a law called the Communications Decency Act (CDA Sec. 230), which basically says a website or host is not legally responsible for the content am internet or site user posts on their website. The law makes sense but is lacking provisions that require proper moderation of possible defamation, and lies.

Anyone with a computer and email address (Gmail or Yahoo Mail) can go on the site a ruin someones small business, life, family and finances. Not to mention put a huge emotional strain and stress on the victim.

So what can someone do to protect themselves from ROR? Nothing. Well, you could make sure you never make anyone angry, jealous, mad, upset, or even notice you have a small business. You could just not own a business at all and go broke! Not an option I know. But really… What can one do to protect themselves? Honestly, there is little to stop it from happening but there are some proactive reputation management measures you can take to help lessen the negative impact of a ROR complaint. There are also many reactive measures you can explore and one of the is obviously (PLUG) Hire to help you :).


A Few Simple Proactive/reactive Reputation Management Tips:

1. Register all your name/company name top level domain names., .net, .org, and others is you would like. Add unique content about your business to each one of them. Search engines like Google will pick them up and they will act as a place holder on Google so you can push them above a ROR link later or maybe ROR wont go above them at all.

2. Use or at least activate social media accounts for your name and business. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and all the ones you know of. We have a list of about 50 we use for our clients.

3. Make sure you have a lot of citations for your business online like yellow pages, white pages, industry directories, Yelp, and other safer review sites.

There are so many ways to create a solid foundation of positive information online about your name and business, we could never share them all here in one sitting. is a private company owned by Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures LLC based out of AZ. The address for the LLC is  Xcentric Ventures, LLC Ripoff Report P.O. Box 310. Tempe, AZ 85280

More About… 


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Reputation Management Firm Awarded Top SEO Company 2015

Refurbished and re-launched Reputation Management Company, Reputation Armor (2.0) was recently Awarded Top SEO Related Company Dec. 2015 by TopSEOs.
Source: prlog

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Press Release: Awarded Top 25 SEO Related Company In The World

Official Press Release


Phone: 1-888-627-5339
Fax: 1-888-627-5339

Revamped Awarded Top 25 SEO Related Company In The World

The recently refurbished Reputation Management Firm was recently named in the top 25 SEO Related companies 2015 by

SW Virginia (Dec. 21 2015) – – Refurbished and re-launched Reputation Management Company, Reputation Armor (2.0) was recently Awarded Top SEO Related Company Dec. 2015 by The company which is one of the “digital pioneers” of online reputation management services was originally started by a few SEO sales guys in 2007 and has in recent months been acquired by a former affiliate SEO contractor that handled the back-end work for nearly a dozen SEO and ORM firms.


The company brings a lot of hard work ethics and technical know-how to the table and promises to deliver results to new clients that are guaranteed to surpass any other company of its kind. There is one catch! The company is limiting how many active clients they help at one time in order to deliver superior results.

Many ORM and SEO companies are after the quick buck says Joe – One of the SEO guys at Reputation Armor. “We have all had our taste of fast internet riches in the early years of the internet boom back in 1997 and are more focused on building long-term evolution capable relationships. The internet and SEO landscape changes so rapidly, we want to change with it and show our clients how to cope with change and adapt with us.” has developed many online reputation management techniques that have been used by dozens of others in the industry. As innovators and major supporters of think tank style operations, Reputation Armor is hoping to create a long lasting positive impression on the industry and internet itself.

Recent analysis by an uncompensated third party rating company (TOPSEOs) ranks Reputation Armor among the top 25 Local SEO Related companies in the world.  The independent authority on online marketing,, has named their rankings of the 100 top local SEO firms in the online marketing industry for the month of Dec. 2015. Each year thousands of online marketing firms are put to the test by an independent research team dedicated to selecting notable vendors. The rankings are partitioned based on the type of solution being provided.

To most adequately aid buyers of search engine marketing solutions the independent research team at performs a rigorous analysis of experienced and well-known SEO firms. The analysis involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five verticals of analysis to benchmark and compare contending firms based on their core competencies. was selected on these criteria and has been ranked #21 in the world in their field, and is honored to be included in this round of selections by’s is a fresh company with an old name. None of the original team, management, or employees are affiliate with the new ownership of Reputation Armor. You can check out the company’s new website online. The ORM team are ready to answer any questions and assist new clients with online reputation management and local SEO issues.


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Remove A Rip Off Report Complaint

There are a few methods you can use to “Remove” a rip off report complaint and contrary to popular belief there is no way to force rip off report to delete the complaint. The term remove is referring to the method of removing the rip off report links from Google and other major search engines (but mainly google).

Yes there is a way to have rip off reports completely deleted from Google and this is a very resource intensive and expensive process. Some companies charge $20,000 to have the links de-indexed from Google and guarantee the work 100%. Our company ( can have some rip off reports de-indexed and deleted from search results 100% within 30-60 days and we charge a pretty hefty price to have them deleted. Usually the rate is $7500.00-$12,500.00 per ripoff report link to have them de-indexed completely! That being said a reputation management campaign that moves the rip off report links from page 1 to page 3 or 5 is a lot cheaper.


There are several but not any options that are available to you through Reputation Armor hen it comes to dealing with a nasty rip off report link.


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Blackhat Parasite Hosting Technique Yes/No

Parasite Hosting For Reputation Management Client? Yes/No

We say no ….but sometimes you fight fire with fire??

Being in the Reputation Management field and acting as an SEO guy for many years I have seen my share of blackhat SEO techniques and will admit I have used a few myself to some extent (sometimes not knowingly).

One blackhat technique that I enjoyed using in the past and reinvented to a whitehat tactic I use today is called Parasite Hosting.

This is a simple technique that many blackhats use successfully everyday. Here is how it works a blackhat “arranges” the use of a very strong authority domain name, one that is 100% solid in the eyes of Google. The blackhat will simply create a page the already high authority site that is all about the keyword they want to rank for. An example off this technique:

Say you are one of those guys that want to push some Viagra online and you need a few pages to rank high for the keyword “Buy Viagra”:

You would:
1. gain access to an authority domain.
2. Create a “detached page” on the site about “Buy Viagra”
3. Use a ping service to alert google of new page or add one link to it to a WP blog DOFOLLOW to get it indexed quickly. 
4. You get a high ranking page for your keyword. (Will not last forever)


Using this technique in Online Reputation Management is not recommended, but in some cases where there are no other fair options… Some blackhats use this method to bury bad links about their clients on SERPS.

Suit up in ARMOR and protect your name online with

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Perfect Ping List For WordPress Blogs

Get your blog posts indexed faster and make them more visible with the ping list below. When you publish, edit or modify a post in WordPress, WP sends ping to all the Ping services which is listed under your update service. Ping services get notified about new post and search engine will swiftly index them.

To add these to your WP blog – Go to Settings > Writing > Then scroll to bottom of page!



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List Of Free Blog Sites 2016

Free Blog Sites 2015-2016 Updated Version

Using Free Blog Sites is a very effective tactic used by the Reputation Management industry. Creating and securing new content about your name or business online is a key factor in this industry! Here is list of Free Blog Sites that you can use also broken down by PageRank – DO FOLLOW and NO FOLLOW!


Domain PR Type 9 DF 9 NF 8 DF 8 NF 8 NF 8 NF 8 NF 8 DF 8 DF 8 DF 8 NF 7 DF 7 DF 7 NF 7 DF 7 DF 7 DF 7 NF 7 DF 7 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 NF 6 DF 6 NF 6 NF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 NF 6 NF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 NF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 6 NF 6 NF 6 DF 6 DF 6 DF 5 NF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 NF 5 NF 5 NF 5 NF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 NF 5 DF 5 DF 5 NF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 DF 5 NF 5 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 NF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 DF 4 NF
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True Rip Off Report FIX and Facts

Dealing With A Rip Off Report /

Remove RipOff Reports with online reputation management. Reputation management is the only effective way to fight back against an unfounded RipOff Report complaint that ranks high on Google for your name or business.

As you most likely already know, RipOff Report ( will never remove a complaint from their website, even if the original author requests it be removed. I am sure you have heard that one before.

Rip Off Report has been online for well over 15 years and continues to grow in popularity and size daily. With over 1 MILLION online complaints files and thousands added weekly, Rip Off Report is one of the most popular and most hated online complaint sites of its kind online.

Since there is no way to force them or convince them to remove a complaint you must deal with the issue of people finding it. The most common way people find a rip off report is by searching your name or company name on Google or other large search engines. This is where you need to focus your efforts, on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

If you can move the rip off report links off of the first few pages of Google you will be in good shape. Most internet users do not click past the first 2 pages of Google. You need to bury that link and keep content on top of it permanently.  The longer it stays on page one the more it will be seen and the more comments and additional complaints it will get.

A comment on a rip off report or rebuttal will make that link/page about your stronger and will make it rank higher or stronger on Google when searching your name. Do not file a rebuttal unless you want more people to see the entire rip off report. If you have no plans of trying to bury the report filing a rebuttal may be something you want to do. Try not to add fuel to the fire. A reply to a complaint might make the original author more agitated and file more complaints on other complaint websites or worse.

The information below may help you deal with negative links on Rip Off Report: is a private company owned by Ed Magedson and Ecentric Ventures LLC based out of AZ. The address for the LLC is  Xcentric Ventures, LLC Ripoff Report P.O. Box 310. Tempe, AZ 85280

What The BBB Reports:


The attorney for Ripoff Report was recently reported as being Jaburg & Wilk Pc at 14500 N Northsight Blvd Ste 116, Scottsdale AZ 85260-3659. Call them at (480) 609-0011

The lawyer above should also receive DMCA Takedown Requests if you believe you copyright is violated on RipOff Report. However you ay want to direct that request to Google instead and hope for possible de-indexing of the URL. Or you can use the info ROR provides at your own risk: We advise against contacting Rip Off Report directly and strongly recommend hiring someone that is familiar with them.

ror2 has been in a battle with since 2009 – ROR sees companies like ours as a threat because we make them lose money by keeping clients away from their suspected and alleged extortion tactics.


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Google Alters Reputation Management Landscape

Recent changes to Google have sent some Reputation Management Firms In to a panic. The Reputation Management industry is changing rapidly.
Source: prlog

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