Blackhat Parasite Hosting Technique Yes/No

Parasite Hosting For Reputation Management Client? Yes/No

We say no ….but sometimes you fight fire with fire??

Being in the Reputation Management field and acting as an SEO guy for many years I have seen my share of blackhat SEO techniques and will admit I have used a few myself to some extent (sometimes not knowingly).

One blackhat technique that I enjoyed using in the past and reinvented to a whitehat tactic I use today is called Parasite Hosting.

This is a simple technique that many blackhats use successfully everyday. Here is how it works a blackhat “arranges” the use of a very strong authority domain name, one that is 100% solid in the eyes of Google. The blackhat will simply create a page the already high authority site that is all about the keyword they want to rank for. An example off this technique:

Say you are one of those guys that want to push some Viagra online and you need a few pages to rank high for the keyword “Buy Viagra”:

You would:
1. gain access to an authority domain.
2. Create a “detached page” on the site about “Buy Viagra”
3. Use a ping service to alert google of new page or add one link to it to a WP blog DOFOLLOW to get it indexed quickly. 
4. You get a high ranking page for your keyword. (Will not last forever)


Using this technique in Online Reputation Management is not recommended, but in some cases where there are no other fair options… Some blackhats use this method to bury bad links about their clients on SERPS.

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