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Remove Online Complaints

Remove From the Consumer Affairs FAQ page:
"ConsumerAffairs.Com is an independent Web-based consumer news and resource center. We are not a government agency, not affiliated with any other consumer organization and not affiliated with any of the corporations whose products are reviewed on our site."

Having a listing on that shows up on the first 2 pages of Google for a search for your company name can be extremely damaging to your business. To remove from the first 5 pages of Google is the only way to deal with this complaint site, as they never remove complaints against businesses. They are protected by a law called the CDA Sec. 230 which says that the site owners are not legally responsible for what users post to their website.

Our Reputation Management service can help you stop the damage that sites like causes your businesses online reputation. We have been in the Reputation Management industry since its conception and use the most advanced methods in the industry. We are not limited by technology like some firms are, we also focus on internet laws that may be in your favor to help force removal of links and complaints.




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