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Reputation Blogging

Branding Your Blog & Reputation

Your Blog & Your Reputation. Using a blog for branding purposes is no new concept, but using a blog for reputation management purposes is a newer concept that is crucial to your brands online reputation. A blog established for your brand or company is very useful and serves many purposes.


One of the benefits of having a secondary website or sub-domain for your company or brands blog is that Google and other search engines like Yahoo will treat the blog as its own web property and award you with a separate listing on page one of Google (If Done Right).


Another great aspect of having a blog to help manage your reputation is you can address client or customer concerns, share company news, accomplishments, images and photos, upcoming news, and investor related alerts. The uses of a company blog are endless, and the more useful content your blog has the more of a following it will get.


We can help you create a dynamic company blog from A-Z and even give you ideas on what type of content to add to your blog daily or weekly. We can install, design, configure, and search engine optimize your new blog for you. We will also train you or your staff on how to update and manage the blog. 


Having a bog for your business is obviously a great idea and if you do not have one yet or don't have one that is effective for branding and reputation management, contact us and we will help you get started.




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