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Remove A Mugshot. We can help you remove mugshots from certain mugshot related sites. Many MugShot websites that show your mugshot on Google and other search engines are privately owned and we take advantage of this flaw and fight to have your mugshots deleted or removed from the website and Google.




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Mugshots: The Last Picture You Want Anyone Finding Online!

Mugshots being published online is no new thing, sheriff offices in counties all over the country have been publishing mugshots for many years. The new mugshot craze is a money making scheme for websites that simply take your mug shot image, name, charge, and then publish it on their trendy looking SEO Friendly mugshot website. These websites usually rank very well on Google, so when someone searches your name they will find this secondary website and your mug shot right on the top of the list. These websites then hope you will eventually pay them to have it removed from their site. Warning: Never pay them! They will just put the mugshot back online on other sites to get you to pay them over and over again. Mugshot Removal





It is true, MugShots and Arrest Records ARE public information and CAN be republished on many different privately owned and operated websites. Many mugshot websites will charge you a fee of $400-$1500 to have the mug shot deleted. The problem is once you pay them you are in the TRAP, the trap is you paid them once and to them this means you will pay again, and again, and again. These websites will republish your mugshot over and over on different websites and sometimes the same one in an effort to milk more money out of you.


We can assist you in eliminating images from Google image search and mugshot websites. Our service is all inclusive so you only pay on time and we cover you no matter how many websites your mugshot appears on now or in the future.


One of the most popular mushshot states is Florida, if you have a florida mugshot and need to remove a florida mugshot, don't fall prey to the florida mugshot syndicate let a professional reputation management firm assist you.


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